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International World Changers Projects 2015
City In-Country Dates
Not travel dates
Depart USA Gateway Estimate
(includes tax,
fuel and
MTS Travel Consultant
Brazil Sao Leopoldo June 6 - 14 5-Jun-15 Atlanta ** $1898.50 Cary Boster
Romania Cluj June 12 - 20 11-Jun-15 Newark ** $1670.00 Cary Boster
Mexico San Rafael June 12 - 22 12-Jun-15 Houston ** $801.00 Monica Lipscomb
Costa Rica Atenas June 13 - 20 13-Jun-15 Atlanta ** $768.00 Monica Lipscomb
Italy Bologna June 13 - 21 12-Jun-15 Newark ** $1578.00 Cary Boster
Italy Bologna June 13 - 21 12-Jun-15 Atlanta ** $1763.00 Cary Boster
Spain Seville June 19 - 27 18-Jun-15 Oklahoma ** $1700.80 Cary Boster
Romania Braila June 20 - 27 19-Jun-15 Newark ** $1574.00 Monica Lipscomb
Romania Braila June 20 - 27 19-Jun-15 DC Dulles ** $1569.00 Monica Lipscomb
South Africa Johannesburg June 26-July 5 25-Jun-15 DC Dulles ** $1823.00 Cary Boster
Central Asia Call IWC for Info June 27-July 5 26-Jun-15 TBD ** Pending Cary Boster
Portugal Porto June 27-July 6 26-Jun-15 Newark ** $1620.00 Cary Boster
Southeast Asia Call IWC for Info July 2 - 13 Pending TBD ** Pending Monica Lipscomb
Spain Madrid July 3 - 11 2-Jul-15 Oklahoma ** Pending Cary Boster
South Africa Prince Albert July 3 - 13 2-Jul-15 TBD ** Pending Monica Lipscomb
Ecuador Quito July 4 - 11 4-Jul-15 Atlanta ** $1035.00 Cary Boster
Ecuador Quito July 4 - 11 4-Jul-15 Houston ** $1253.00 Cary Boster
Portugal Portimao July 4 - 12 03-Jul-15 TBD ** Pending Monica Lipscomb
Italy Milan July 11 - 19 10-Jul-15 TBD ** Pending Cary Boster
Thailand Chiang Mai July 16 - 26 Pending TBD ** Pending Cary Boster
East Asia 1 Call IWC for Info July 16 - 28 Pending Los Angeles ** $1555.75 Cary Boster
East Asia 2 Call IWC for Info July 17 - 30 Pending TBD ** Pending Cary Boster
Thailand Chachoengsao July 31-Aug 10 30-Jul-15 TBD ** Pending Monica Lipscomb


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MTS and IWC have already started the process for you to arrange and finalize your group's travel to the project. MTS has set up an itinerary based out of a gateway city in the USA and scheduled to arrive within a certain window of time at the project destination airport. For groups of 15 or larger, customized itineraries may be available. Groups may elect to arrange their own transportation to the USA gateway city if they wish.


A non-refundable deposit of $100-200 per person (depends on airline) will be due within two weeks of registering with IWC.

FULL passport names and date of birth are needed for all reservations due to Government Secure Flight Requirements.

A group agreement will be given to the group leader when flights are confirmed. It is critical that it be read in its entirety as it contains important information regarding the travel arrangements.

"Fares provided are estimates at this time for planning purposes. Fares will be confirmed at the time of booking."

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