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Our Story - MTS TRAVEL Corporate History

Executive Leadership

MTS TRAVEL traces its roots back as far as 1947 when it originated as the travel department of the Mennonite Central Committee. Initially formed to facilitate travel for relief and development workers assigned to Europe for World War II reconstruction, the department was incorporated in 1955 as a separate legal entity: Menno Travel Service, Inc., began functioning as a fully appointed travel business, having its first appointment by Holland America Lines.

In the early years, the rich experience acquired through global mission and relief work made specializing in religious and non-profit travel a natural course. MTS TRAVEL focused on responding to this growing niche. From the 1950's through 70's, the company developed operations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa -- including establishing offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Beirut, Kinshasa, Zaire and Nairobi. U.S. and Canadian offices were secured near Mennonite institutions and communities, as a natural connection for building full-service operations. The first in the U.S. was Akron, Pennsylvania followed by Goshen, Indiana and Newton, Kansas. The Canadian offices were located in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Clearbrook, British Columbia; and St. Catherine's, Ontario.

Both North American and overseas inter-denominational opportunities abounded during this period, enabling the company to advance relationships in key religious market segments -- from church and mission agencies, and mission programs to relief and development organizations, and work camps. With this specialized niche, MTS TRAVEL established itself as the primary provider of travel management services for the spectrum of Christian denominations, local and independent churches, and organizations supporting mission projects.